Phil Quade

Phil Quade

Chief Operating Officer

Phil Quade is Evolution’s Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm as well as a member of the investment team.

Phil joins Evolution after 5 years at Fortinet where he served as Chief Information Security Officer. He led strategy for the Operational Technology / Critical Infrastructure business practice, advised business and government executives on cybersecurity matters and was chairman of the company’s US Federal subsidiary.

Prior to that, he was a long-time executive of the National Security Agency, with diverse assignments such as the creation and execution of highly-disruptive technical and operational worldwide capabilities within the guidelines of the President, Congress, and Courts; formation and execution of forward-leaning national security strategies and policies at the White House, and; day-to-day operations of the national security organization responsible for the worldwide protection of classified information, generation of nuclear command and control codes, and production of cryptographic keys for the United States and its allies. Other assignments included US Cyber Command; the US Senate; the Director of National Intelligence, and a special CIA/Pentagon joint technology and operations center.